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Local Ad Sales: Strategies & Case Studies

Regional Media Advertising for SMBs: Our Portfolio of Successful Client Campaigns with News Publishers from all around the World.

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Advertising Insights

SMB Advertising Sales: Top Strategies for Selling Ads to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Selling any product or service to small and midsize businesses, needs you to understand your product very well to cater to the special time constraints, needs and purchasing behaviors of SMBs. This is why today we will take a look at some effective sales strategies publishers can implement to communicate with SMB customers more effectively. But first let’s start with defining what differentiates these businesses from the rest.
Advertising Insights

The Future of News Revenue: Insights from The World Press Trends Report

The latest World Press Trends report has sparked a whirlwind of discourse across the news industry, and I'm no exception - I've got a lot of thoughts to share. Compiled by WAN-IFRA, this report provides us with a comprehensive look at what's happening within our dynamic field. As I go over the report’s findings, I can't help but feel a mixture of excitement and resolve. Let's kick things off on a high note by spotlighting some of the standout statistics and insights that caught my eye.
Advertising Insights

Why Display Ads Make Sense for a Small Business?

Businesses are constantly trying to find the best performing channel for their local ads, hoping to achieve the highest possible return on investment. SEO, PPC, Meta ads or even influencer marketing come to mind when trying to achieve this goal. Today we will take a closer look at display advertising, its various types and cover why it is a solution every SMB owner can benefit from.
Advertising Insights

Self-Serve Advertising Platforms: Are they Worth the Money?

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape change is the only constant! Self-serve advertising has taken the world of business by storm handing SMB advertisers the keys to drive their own ad campaigns. The whole concept revolves around simplifying the ad placement process, offering advertisers a platform that is easy to use. They get to create, manage and track their ads, customize their marketing messages and monitor performance in real-time. It sounds even better when you take into account the lack of advertising intermediaries like sales reps and agencies. In this article we will take a look at the pros and cons of self-serve ad platforms and try to answer the question: Is this what local advertisers and regional publishers actually need?
Advertising Insights

Dynamic Banner Ads: What Are They And How They Help SMB Advertisers?

In the dynamic world of advertising, local businesses should be always on the lookout for new marketing tools, strategies and channels to reach their target audience. Pay-per-click, search engine optimization, content marketing and email marketing are well known terms for local advertisers, since they have first-hand experience with them. Today we are going to talk about a fairly new category in the field of display advertising – dynamic banner ads. We will define what they are, how they compare to static ads and where they fit in the mix of all the marketing tools available.
Advertising Insights

Roadblock Ads: All You Need to Know

By definition your competitors target the same customers you do. You are in а constant battle with them for the attention of the consumer and your marketing ROI is largely dependent on how your ads perform against those of your competition. Is there a way your audience sees only your ad creatives on a website for a given period of time? The answer is yes – thanks to roadblock advertising.
Case Studies

Combining Display Advertising and SEO for better Advertising Sales Results

Welcome to today's exploration of innovative digital advertising strategies! I'm Christian from Smartico, and I'm excited to share with you how a Canadian publisher from Ontario is revolutionizing the way they approach display advertising by infusing it with the power of SEO. Let's unravel the secret to their success and illustrate how this nifty integration can become a game-changer in the publishing industry.
Advertising Insights

The Power of HTML5 Ads for Local Advertisers

HTML5 banners allow more animations, tracking and responsiveness for digital display campaigns but are sometimes more difficult to produce. This article shows how local advertisers can profit from all the advantages without the hassle of creation with Smart Ads.
Ad Gallery

Key Strategies for Crafting Winning Offers for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Local advertising scale for publishers is influenced by four main drivers. While SMB advertisers are relevant in print and demand local print ads online, most of them do not transition to online advertising. Digital national advertising outperforms digital local ads in most news organizations. We examined over 100 offerings in Europe to uncover the secrets behind successful regional ad budget capture and the transfer of local print advertisers to digital.
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