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January 12, 2024
5 min read

Combining Display Advertising and SEO for better Advertising Sales Results

Welcome to today's exploration of innovative digital advertising strategies! I'm Christian from Smartico, and I'm excited to share with you how a Canadian publisher from Ontario is revolutionizing the way they approach display advertising by infusing it with the power of SEO. Let's unravel the secret to their success and illustrate how this nifty integration can become a game-changer in the publishing industry.

Christian Scherbel
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An Intriguing Twist on Display Advertising

Highlander, a monthly news publisher, showcases a genius method of converting print ads into digital gold. As you land on their homepage, you're greeted by a dynamic banderole of Smart Ads weaving through the latest regional news.

These aren't just any ads; they're the digital extensions of their print advertisements, achieving a ubiquitous online presence. By simply clicking on an ad, users are whisked away to an 'instant landing page'.

Instant landing pages—similar to Facebook's Instant Experience—are fast-loading, full-screen experiences that open after clicking an ad. They can include images, videos, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs).

Consider the example of a carpet store ad. The original print advertisement is transformed into a digital banner that not only creates an instant user experience but also provides a measurable impact, such as tracking time spent on the page.

A Leap Towards Subscription Revenue with Advertisers

Selling ad impressions and clicks can sometimes be a hard sell for sales reps. The publisher's team looked to enhance their product's appeal to advertisers. Their solution? Introducing an online marketplace.

Accessible via the site's navigation, the marketplace features all banderol advertisers organized neatly, searchable by category or vendor name. What's more, it's also highlighted on the homepage and article pages—visible and valuable real estate.

Advertisers are offered not just prime positioning in the banderole for a month but also enduring exposure in the SEO-friendly marketplace, indexed and discoverable on Google.

The SEO Advantage

One might ask, what truly makes this marketplace shine?

"By assuring advertisers a consistent presence on Google, the marketplace initiative captivates those more interested in SEO's lasting impact than the temporary buzz of display ads."

As a monthly publication, ads in the banderole and marketplace appear for a designated period. However, SEO benefits become significant over time, encouraging advertisers to commit to longer plans—think three, six months, or more.

Crafting Subscription Success

Ad presence in the marketplace converts temporary advertisers into steadfast subscribers. The moment an advertiser's slot expires, they risk losing the accrued SEO benefits—a powerful motivator for subscription renewal.

Here's the clincher: SEO isn't about quantity. It's about quality—and being found on prominent sources like the Highlander is priceless for local vendors. These well-positioned listings capture customers deep in the decision-making funnel, which translates to higher value leads.

A Full-Service Package with Measurable Results

The publisher wraps this ingenious strategy with well-executed reporting. Employing Smartico dashboards, they provide comprehensive insights into ad performance:

  • Ad impressions
  • Click rates
  • Dwell times
  • Total reach

Prices remain competitive. A display ad sold for $99 might come with a 40% increase in online reach, a bargain considering the price isn't hiked by the same ratio.

A Success Story with Sustained Impact

What we're witnessing is a transformation of advertising into a sustainable, long-term revenue stream. Through this integrated approach, even rural advertisers are converted into loyal subscribers.

Final Thoughts

This isn't just a fleeting success—it's a compelling story of how print advertisers can realize the potential of digital mediums, leading to enduring growth and prosperity for both publishers and advertisers.

If this peek into a digital advertising revolution has piqued your interest, I'd be thrilled to share more details, including demos and data insights. Reach out to me for an engaging discussion that could redefine your advertising strategies.

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